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The town's name, Tampines, is derived from the name of a rare tree, Tempinis. It is known for its hardiness and strength and is used in building the foundation of houses. Just like the Tempinis tree, Tampines radiates warmth to its residents. It has grown rapidly from a kampong to one of the largest Housing and Development Board (HDB) residential areas with an estimated 238.500 residents. Today, Tampines is a centre of residential and commercial activities with a comprehensive and wide-range of amenities from banks, medical facilities, educational institutions to leisure and sprawling malls.


Tampines Town was the first to be developed on a precinct concept in 1979, which aimed to promote neighbourliness. It also won the World Habitat Award in 1992, which recognises Singapore's outstanding contribution towards human settlement, development and excellent housing standards.

Identity of the Town

Tampines Town has several iconic landmarks within the community, establishing a sense of belonging and fostering familiarity amongst residents. The fruit and animal-themed playgrounds can be found in Tampines Central Park and Sun Plaza Park respectively, evoking nostalgia and bringing back fond childhood memories for many residents.  There are also interesting landmarks like the clock tower at Tampines Central Park which resembles the Big Ben in London, as well as miniature “Supertrees”, similar to the ones at Gardens by the Bay, located in Tampines West.  


Community Facilities

While these iconic landmarks have formed the town’s identity, community spirit is further strengthened through the various community activities organised by the 5 Community Clubs (CCs) in Tampines.  They are Tampines Central CC, Tampines Changkat CC, Tampines East CC, Tampines North CC and Tampines West CC.  In alignment with the 5 key focus areas as highlighted below, these 5 CCs organise a wide range of programmes to bring residents from all walks of life together to bond and strengthen their kampong spirit and sense of belonging:


  1. Learning Tampines – aims to create learning beyond the classroom, making learning very much a part of everyone’s life;
  2. Green Tampines – engages the community by promoting life-long clean and green habits like recycling, gardening and keeping the living environment clean and clutter-free.
  3. Active Tampines – uses a three-step outreach approach to engage residents to stay active and healthy.
  4. Caring Tampines – addresses the welfare and needs of the residents in a holistic way, including areas concerning health care and financial assistance for the needy.
  5. Creative Tampines – introduces arts and cultural programmes to residents, encouraging them to express their creativity and develop an appreciation for the cultural diversity within our community.

Moving Forward

Come 2016, Tampines town will welcome a new development, Our Tampines Hub, leading to a further injection of vibrancy to the town. Our Tampines Hub will be Singapore's first-ever integrated community and lifestyle hub that brings together multiple agencies, to offer a comprehensive and diverse range of services, programmes and facilities. To learn more about Our Tampines Hub, please go to our "Our Tampines Hub" on this website.


We're currently working hard on putting together all the exciting online features and updates you can look forward to at Our Tampines Hub - check back with us regularly and always be the first to know what we have in store for you!